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Home and Property Clearing

Home and property clearing are called for when individuals or organizations are experiencing phenomena that is uncomfortable or distrupting to their daily lives. 


If you are sensitive to energy you most likely have experienced both negative and positive energies. Such as when you walk into a beautiful church or a place where the energy is loving and inviting. You may also have experienced places that made you want to leave. They felt heavy, maybe even cold or dark even in the light.


Spirit/energy resides everywhere... usually in harmony. When it becomes distruptive, it can cause physical manifestations, fear and feelings of helplessness. 



Any type of energy can attach itself to places, people and things. Negative energy can come in because of unresolved trauma, alcohol or drug abuse and from playing around with items that invite negative energy in. Sometimes the energies remain in a place through many lifetimes.


The clearing is a ceremony that invites the negative energy to disperse and move to the light/positive.  Then it invites the positive energies to come into the vaccuum left by the departing negative energies.  


The process is conducted at the premises and involves smudging, invocations, blessings, and use of minerals, stones and Holy Water.

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