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On my previous site I expressed what I believed to be the catalyst for my strong desire and passion to help others; that it came from my own experiences with pain, suffering and healing. As my beautiful daughters used their unique gifts to help propel me through this process of creating a new site, in my deepest knowing, I understood it would engage the energy of great change for me. I was reminded that my life has also had many, many wonderful experiences. It is from the experiences of joy, pain, love, suffering and my choice to pursue healing of body, mind and soul, that has helped me develop into the person I am today. 


Over the past 35 years I have had the opportunity and priviledge of attending workshops and seminars with some of the worlds most amazing leaders in the metaphysical and spiritual arenas. As I became aware of my own disfunctional behaviors, and worked to heal them, I also began to realize my own gifts and abilities. Energy healing intrigued me and it just seemed to come so natural. Over time I trained as an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, a Lighterian Reiki Master and Esoteric Healer. I have been initiated a High Priestess and Level II Teacher in the 7th Ray and 3rd Ray Mystery Schools, where I was trained and attuned to do the Adam Kadman 24 Strand DNA activation and many other amazing Etheric Healing practices. I studied and became certified as a Reconnective Healing® and Reconnection® Practitioner with Dr. Eric Pearl. I am also a certified Therapeutic and Medical Massage Therapist, Medical Intuitive, Life Coach and Reverend. Most recently I experienced and received training in D.O.V.E. (Divine Original Vibration Embodiment) emotional healing modality developed by Karen Greenberg. The DOVE work is an intensive in finding and repatterning old beliefs and habits that keep us stuck in dysfunctional behaviors.


It is my honor and blessing to be able to offer these services to others. Through personal development classes, life coaching, spiritual counseling, energy bodywork and massage therapy, I work with you, to help you navigate your own life's journey.


Namasté - the light in me honors and loves the light in you!


Hazel Lynn Thompson

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