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It's All Energy!

Metaphysically and quantumly we are taught that everything living is energy - has a vibration. Humans are the only living vibrations with emotion. An entity or energy simply responds to what is coming to it - therefore positive energy vibration creates a response that is positive and negative creates negative. No emotion is involved in the exchange - it simply is.

For Humans to co-create harmoniously we need to understand this more fully. We need to master our emotions and thoughts, which in themselves are creative energy or vibration from which living things respond - not judge.

It's not what is coming at us, but what is coming from us that we need to concern ourselves about. One of humanity's great lesson at this time is to learn to guard our thoughts and intentions - that we put out only that which we are willing to receive.

Namasté - The light in me, honors the light in you!

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