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We are all individual expressions of the whole

Find Inner Balance comes from a passion to help promote positive changes for a healthier body, mind and spirit so that you are better able to successfully fulfill your life's purpose. Through personal development classes, life coaching, spiritual counseling, ministerial services, energy bodywork and massage therapy, I strive to provide the services and support that helps you to find and live from the perfection of your own individual creation. Namasté  "The Light in me, honors the Light in you!"

All of us come into this life with a purpose, which we chose before our incarnation and it is based on what we learned and didn’t learn in other lifetimes. That means we are all born to a spiritual path, but we just may be unaware of it.  


When you hear the term "spirituality," what comes to mind? A common misconception is that being religious is being spiritual – or vice versa. Spirituality is the belief that a Power greater than ourselves is in charge of the Universe which can include religion, but doesn't require it. Religion is a set of practices or rituals based on the belief of the particular faith in question and is generally created to bring together people of like mind. We are all Spiritual Beings... individual expressions of the One God...on the planet to have a human experience, and our body is just the vehicle to facilitate that. Our Soul and Spirit lives on eternally, but our body-vehicle is "recycled". Our journey here on this planet is about finding our way back to that from which we came – which is God - Source - Creator...whichever works for you.


Our life purpose is designed to help us grow and evolve spiritually – from a Soul level – regardless of whether we believe in a source greater than ourselves or not. The experience of this is very personal and unique to each individual.


At the spirit level, before incarnating, we designed the journey on earth that would help us learn and grow our Soul to the next level of being. We also "contracted with other individual Souls from our "Soul Group" to help each other achieve our goals. Individual experiences of that will be different depending on what you have chosen to learn this time around. 


Example:  A man who may have chosen to learn patience in this life may come here with a personality trait that is demanding, critical and impatient.  He will be faced with challenges to his patience everyday until he learns to "be" patient. And because he has chosen this as his life lesson, he will unconsciously seek out those circumstances that test him until he finally learns to be patient. When that lesson is learned, he will have peace in his heart and in his life. He will be an example of patience for others to see.


Another example:  A beggar on the street may be an evolved being who is here to help others learn to be non-judgemental or to have more compassion. He or she may have chosen to live life this way as a gift to humanity. Of course it could be different, but the point is we never know what another's path is unless we have walked in their shoes.


At Find Inner Balance I try to bring awareness to different approaches for the seeker. I believe there are as many ways to look at what we call God, Source, Creator, and divinity, as there are people on the planet. The "best" way is the one that brings each individual to a deeper connection with their Higher Self.


Spiritual Development Classes


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